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Debb and Russ #1


Save Time & Money
We Provide:

Cleaning Supplies
Valve Oil
Slide Grease
Instrument Selection


Our Locations:

1. 75th Ave and the 101

2. 16th St and the 101

3 64th St and Shea

4. In your home (for high school age and younger)



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Trumpet Lessons

As professional teachers we specialize in working with students who have a sincere desire to improve their trumpet playing skills and musicianship. Whether trumpet playing is for pure personal enjoyment or for career directed endeavors, we help each student to determine their goals and to develop a plan to successfully reach those goals. Learning is both fun and rewarding at The Academy. When students understand how to practice smarter, not harder. The technique, discipline, and self-knowledge gained from private study with Russ and Deborah will carry over into all aspects of daily living and education.

We offer lessons for adult come-back players & aspiring young students, group lessons, home-schoolers, teaching classical and jazz, private lessons for all brass instruments (beginning and intermediate) and for trumpet (beginning through professional)

We also offer services for school bands including trumpet sectionals, brass sectionals, brass ensemble coaching, band director continuing education, residencies, clinics for elementary, middle, & high school, private lessons after school, wind players switching to brass, band camp, perform with school band, regional/all-state preparation, solo & ensemble contest preparation, and leadership training.


Russ Plylar -480.600.2122

Deborah Plylar -480.678.1195
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